Sunshine 16

 Often called Sunny 16 this is a handy tip for calculating exposures if you forget your light meter. Modern cameras can be fooled by very bright conditions so it is worth remembering.

Light from the sun arrives in a consistent stream this allows us to make assumptions when setting the exposure on our camera.

In cloudless conditions two hours after sunrise and two hours before sunset light levels are very predictable. Here is how it works.

  • Set the lens to f16

  • Choose your ISO (ISO 200 is ideal for outdoor daylight photography)

  • Set your shutter speed to the value closest to your ISO.

For instance with an ISO of 200 your shutter speed would be 1/200.

That is the basic rule of Sunshine 16 now here are the things to remember.

  • In highly reflective conditions such as in snow or at the beach you might need to underexpose by a full stop.

Give it try you’ll be surprised.