I run photography workshops, walking tours and give talks through my website PaperCamera.

Photography workshops are a great way to learn new skills in an informal setting. 

Walking tours are a way of learning about photography and seeing the city in a new way.

Talks range from picture editing for newspapers, stock photography and all areas of photography.

Pinhole photography

We begin with an explanation of what pinhole photography is and why it has endured for thousands of years. Workshops can last from two hours to a full day. They work best with four to six participants but can be adapted around the venue or 

  • Introduction and explanation of pinhole photography
  • Demonstrate the camera obscura initially an artist tool it was adapted to become the earliest camera
  • A demonstration of the camera obscura in action using instant Polaroid materials.
  • Camera building 
  • Taking pictures



Combine a purchase from PaperCamera with a workshop. There are several opportunities a year to purchase and get the most 

Walking Tour

Tours are available in Glasgow with more cities coming soon. Learn how to improve your photographyic skills and discover the city or see it in an new way. Book a walking tour and combine shoe leather with some learning.